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Astrum Nanji

Astrum Nanji

My name is Astrum and I am a

TV Producer

who found his way into the world of

Private Equity.

Astrum Nanji

This is what I do:



In 2008 I decided to do three new things with my life. 


1. Pursue a law degree at Osgoode Hall

2. Find my dream companion my dog named Lux 

3. Found my own real estate firm called it Lux Equity (get it?)


The journey to today is a long story.


Today I am the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Lux Equity, a privately held fund that owns various commercial assets in the real estate industry.  We are steadily growing and focusing on the intersection between health care and real estate.


TV / Media

TV Producer

I have had many experiences in television. I was a Television Producer and Director at CBC Newsworld. I later ran the news division at MUCHMusic. 


I started my television career at the Canadian institution Street Cents. 


During my time there we won an Emmy award and captured the Gemini Award for Best Children's Series.

Public Speaker

Public Speaker

In my spare time, I teach public speaking. I have taught the Dale 

Carnegie Leadership Training program in Toronto and Calgary. 


I also love speaking at different schools. Here is a list of my latest talks.



Astrum Nanji Art

I paint in my spare time.

Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

I enjoy completing random trivia. I was published in Esquire Magazine for having successfully completed the World’s Hardest Quiz.

Astrum Nanji Esquire

I have a few degrees. I received a B.Com., summa cum laude, from McGill University, a B.A. Honors from Ryerson University in Radio and Television and a J.D. from Osgoode Hall Law School.  


I am currently pursuing my MBA at the Wharton School.

Wine Lover


I love all kinds of wine. My current favorite is reds from Portugal.

Astrum Nanji Red Wine

Contact Me

Feel free to reach out and contact me at I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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